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Introducing the limited edition 15" B25 Alloy Hi-Hats, weighing in at 775g for the top cymbal and 1195g for the bottom. Crafted from a B25 alloy, these hi-hats offer a darker and more complex tone compared to traditional B20 bronze alloy, providing a unique and captivating sound. The extra thin weight of this set allows for a deep and resonant sound, making it the perfect choice for unamplified or close-mic'd situations where subtlety and nuance are key. Whether you're a jazz drummer looking for a warm and smooth sound or a recording artist in need of a versatile cymbal with exceptional clarity, the 15" B25 Alloy Limited Edition Hi-Hats are sure to impress. Don't miss your chance to own this one-of-a-kind set before it's gone.

15" B25 Alloy Limited Edition Hi-Hats 775/1195g

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