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Turkish China & Effects Cymbals

There’s no better place to shop for handcrafted Turkish China cymbals than Constantine Cymbals USA. With decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the Turkish B20 alloy and cymbalsmithing, you know you’ll receive a finely tuned product to match whatever sound or style you need. Our China cymbals are truly unique. Each FX cymbal is hammered and shaped based on its size and style. The FX and Senfonic cymbals have holes in them to provide an airy sound with a hint of trashiness—ideal for anyone looking for additional sounds to their kits. Our master cymbalsmith specifically designs them to fit the sound and technical elements you’re looking for. Don’t stress over finding the right China cymbal for sale—Constantine Cymbals USA has you covered! Stock up on all the cymbals you need to fit your musical inclinations.

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