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Danny Wolf promo
Danny Wolf promo

Danny Wolf

Danny Wolf has been a professional drummer for nearly 20 years. He got his undergraduate degree in studio music and jazz from the Frost School of Music.  After several years as the first call drummer in Miami he set his sights on NYC. He went on to get his masters degree on drum set from the Aaron Copland School of Music. After school Danny went on to tour around the world with some of the biggest musical acts in pop including Rhye, Great Good Fine Ok, Gavin Turek and John K. 


In-between tours he also started his own recording studio where he recorded, produced and mixed hundreds of bands in NYC.  In 2019 Danny moved to Los Angeles to continue his career as a touring drummer and music producer. He also is one half of the band Wolf and Love which he produces, drums and mixes for. 

A brief list of the artists he has worked with include: 

  • Wolf and Love

  • Great Good Fine OK

  • Sarah McGowan

  • Emily Thomas

  • Kwame Darko

  • Bridget Davis @ the Viking Kings

  • AT&T

  • Inner Tongue

  • Sterling Rhyne

  • Kaline

  • Ali Lohan

  • Youth & Vanity

  • Natalie York

  • David Melton

  • Ben Eunson

  • Nick Brust

  • Ben Kogan Bank

  • Maria Habeeb Bufalini

  • Glass Elephant

  • Carbon Mirage

  • The Visions

  • My Cousin the Emperor

  • Maggie Rolka

  • Le Zhang

  • Todd Gaynor Band

  • Beacon Rock Supergroup

Danny Wolf
Danny Wolf
Danny Wolf
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