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Master cymbalsmith Sertan Oztopuz crafts each of these instruments by hand in Istanbul, Turkey. Sertan spent 32 years at Istanbul (both Agop and Mehmet after the spllit) where he was trained and eventually taught the use of the coveted Turkish B20 alloy.


Now available for the first time in the United States are Sertan’s unique authentic Turkish cymbals. Constantine offers rides, crashes, hi-hats, splashes, chinas, and symphonic cymbals and gongs in virtually any size and weight.

Your US distributor is Todd Norris. I've played drums most of my life and I developed quite a love for cymbals. I have a large personal collection and I love the huge variety of styles and sounds bronze discs can make! Reach out so I can help you find the perfect cymbals to suit your tastes and playing styles. If I don’t have your perfect cymbal in stock, I can order it to your specifications. It’s like having your own personal cymbalsmith!  Message me from the homepage or email me at


All items listed have video demos. You can also hear them at our YouTube page.


Sertan Oztopuz - Constantine Cymbals
Todd Norris - Constantine Cymbals USA distributor/retailer

We are seeking professional level drummers to enter a mutually beneficial relationship for cross-promotion.  If you love Constantine Cymbals and have a professional portfolio of recordings, tours, and performance credits, we may be a good fit for endorsement opportunities!  PLEASE READ THIS Drum! Magazine ARTICLE FIRST.   Send me an email with links to your website, YouTube, and social media to

Constantine Cymbals are handmade using the authentic Turkish B20 bronze formula and techniques.  The metal is carefully prepared, rolled, and lathed to make the perfect cymbal.  Choose from one or more of traditional lathing, fine lathing, wide lathing, or unlathed (raw) techniques, with uniform hammered surfaces to heavily hammered and pocketed surfaces. We even have sand blasted surfaces.  The combination of techniques create everything from traditional cymbal sounds to varying degrees of dark or bright, dry or washy, smooth or textured sounds.  Additional techniques such as hole drilling further add to the palette of possibilities to all models.   Most designs are extremely versatile as both rides and crashes.  Varying sizes and weights to these techniques add yet another layer of sonic possibilities.  We stock a nice selection of sounds to fit virtually any musical need.  However, we can also order anything we don't have in stock, or even help you create virtually anything you can think up!  Reach out to Todd for more information at

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