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Return Policy:  Constantine Cymbals USA lists each cymbal or cymbal set individually with pictures and demonstration videos of each.  Therefore, you know exactly what you are buying.  However, if you determine that the cymbal is not for you and it remains in mint condition, please contact me at so we can return/exchange it for something more suitable.  


Each cymbal is expertly packed for shipment.  If a cymbal arrives damaged, please contact me for resolution which may include full or partial refund, or exchange.   Contact me at  

Constantine Cymbals are made to endure a lifetime of play, but they are not immune to damage due to the use of excessive force, or improper playing or mounting technique.  Cymbals damaged in this way are not eligible for refund/return. If you are unsure of proper cymbal mounting or playing technique, please let me know. I'm happy to advise!  

Thank you,

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